Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 1 Mac Attack 1-Activity 4-End Of Day Reflection

Hello!Well,my first day in SST is finally over,and what a tiring day it was!

Today,I learnt about the Three Rs in SST,roles,rights and responsibilities.I also made a few friends in SST.

On the right is a picture from my first blog,before I went to SST.

I chose to go to SST because it was a school which mainly focuses on technology,which I can cope to, as I am from a digitalized age.
20110104S1OrientationDay1S109.jpgTo me,being part of the SST family is to be able to cope well,and being the best of the best.I hope to achieve not just more intellectual abilities,but also greater mental,physical and behavioral strength.

Being happy but tired, I enjoyed this day in SST,and hope more of these days in the future

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