Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 2:Tower Building

Well,I'm now in the middle of Day 2,after lunch.      A challenge issued before lunch had just ended.The challenge focuses on architectural and marketing talent.To find out what it's all about,watch the video:

To emphasize a bit more,we were supposed to build a tower out of straws,pipe cleaners,paper clips,cups and rubber bands,and try to 'sell' our tower.After that,each class chose the best tower,and competed against each other,by challenging each tower's strength.

I need to go now.Bye!

Day 1 Mac Attack 1-Activity 4-End Of Day Reflection

Hello!Well,my first day in SST is finally over,and what a tiring day it was!

Today,I learnt about the Three Rs in SST,roles,rights and responsibilities.I also made a few friends in SST.

On the right is a picture from my first blog,before I went to SST.

I chose to go to SST because it was a school which mainly focuses on technology,which I can cope to, as I am from a digitalized age.
20110104S1OrientationDay1S109.jpgTo me,being part of the SST family is to be able to cope well,and being the best of the best.I hope to achieve not just more intellectual abilities,but also greater mental,physical and behavioral strength.

Being happy but tired, I enjoyed this day in SST,and hope more of these days in the future

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wishes on the Wall

Hello!This link above is a web site from Wall Wisher,a website that allows you to post stickys.
Here are some QandAs(questions and Answers):
Q1:What are some of the useful features of Wall wisher?
A:Wall Wisher allows us to share ideas with one another.We also can view pictures and videos through Wall Wisher.
Q2:What are some limitations of Wall Wisher?
A:Wall Wisher only allows a limited number of letters on one sticky.
Q3:In what way do you think this could be used in your learning activity or CCA?Give an example.
A:CCA members can use Wall Wisher to discuss without a need to meet face-to-face.
(Feel free to answer these questions.Place your answers in the 'comments'.)

My journey begins@SST

Hello!This is the first time I'm writing my own blog,but I'm sure I'll be posting more blogs in the near future,because my school,SST,is sure to ask me to post more blogs.

The picture on my right shows how I felt when I was going to SST.Besides being the first one in my school to get in to SST,I was also chosen out of the many people to get into SST!I was so excited I wanted to jump for joy and shout out loud like this guy over there!

I think SST's reason for me and the rest of the school for making a blog is so that we can express our feelings better through emailing,and not so much face-to-face conversation.If we learn how to do this our english potential will improve tremendously!

My vacation map

The link above shows where I went during the end of year holidays.Firstly, I went to Lot 1,a shopping mall near my house.I usually go there with my mother to accompany her for shopping.then,I took public transport to Changi Airport,where I took an airplane to Kuching Airport.There,my grandfather drove me and my dad to his house,located in Three Hills Park.
This is a suggested route of how I go home from SST.Enjoy!